Ofrecemos todo lo que los municipios necesitan para una movilidad segura y sostenible

Nuestro catálogo agrupa todas las soluciones de movilidad urbana y seguridad vial que se adaptan a las nuevas formas de movilidad y la protección del medio ambiente. FacebookTwitterLinkedin

Descubre nuestro sistema de control ONfield que permite controlar, regular y programar el alumbrado público

Como líderes de la industria del equipamiento urbano, trabajamos constantemente en el desarrollo de nuevas soluciones para dar respuesta a las necesidades más actuales de las ciudades. Ejemplo de ello es nuestro software ONfield. FacebookTwitterLinkedin

Citizen: ease and elegance.

BENITO launches a new stylish, modern, decorative and functional luminaire designed for residential areas and pedestrian zones. This is a brand new product with the distinctive signature of Eugeni Quitllet, one of the most prestigious Spanish designers across the world,… Continue Reading →

LIS beacon: functionality and beauty

Design. The new LIS beacon leverages the delimiter function of urban bollards by integrating LED lighting. This is a key point in the supplementary lighting of pedestrian areas to increase road safety while also creating nocturnal settings that accentuate the… Continue Reading →

CLASSIC: the modernization of a “classic” that is incorporated into the ESSENTIALS family

As it was announced, the Essentials program expands its offer with the incorporation of new topologies. To those already available in our catalog – DECO, GLOBUS and NORDIC – the CLASSIC version is now added. It shares with the others… Continue Reading →

New precision milling technique for customizing Covers and Grates

BENITO has a long history in customizations of ductile iron covers and grates, offering from the most generic to the most specific, complicated and with great detail, applying a technique of great precision. The primary goal is to accurately pinpoint… Continue Reading →

BENITO certifies the new Elium and Essentials families with the most prestigious European labels: ENEC, AENOR and Scheme CB.

Following the consolidation of its new B-Flex module, designed and manufactured entirely in BENITO, and the launch of the Elium and Essentials families, BENITO takes another step towards consolidating itself as a European manufacturer of high quality LED luminaires. BENITO… Continue Reading →