Design. The new LIS beacon leverages the delimiter function of urban bollards by integrating LED lighting. This is a key point in the supplementary lighting of pedestrian areas to increase road safety while also creating nocturnal settings that accentuate the architectural beauty of each place. The neutral, elegant aesthetic adds a touch of class by day and by night. It is perfect for use in parks and pedestrian areas and along promenades and rail trails.

Efficiency. The LIS beacon features a new light engine developed with the most cutting-edge technology. It meets market requirements of increasing efficiency and lifespan while bringing down maintenance costs. The compact, one-piece light engine comprises high-performance COB LED lights, a driver-on-board linear module and a 4mm aluminium sheet heat sink. It emits a high-quality light and is available in neutral 4000ºK light or warm 3000ºK light with a typical CRI of 85.

Lighting control. The optical compartment of the light engine and the body of the LIS beacon work together to deliver a long-reach fan of asymmetric light. Specific, halo-free emission characterised by perfect cropping. The body of the beacon includes a shield that conceals the light beam, providing high comfort and wellbeing to pedestrians and drivers on public roads. LIS is perfect for boosting street lighting while maintaining average light levels of 10 lux on footpaths with just 15W of power. Constant, even illumination with minimum consumption and a long lifespan.

Robustness. LIS has the double functionality of light beacon and urban pylon. It is resistant and vandal-proof, specifically manufactured for the reality of the urban environment.

Easy installation and maintenance. One of the core strengths of the LIS beacon is its ease of installation and subsequent maintenance. A fully integrated standardised access cover has been designed to provide access to the one-piece light engine and surge protector (activated at over 10KV). This means the inside of the beacon can be accessed in just a few seconds and the light engine changed in a single operation.


Durability. LIS is made from 3mm hot-dipped galvanised steel sheet lacquered in epoxy paint. It comes in various colours and with different types of additional protections. The body is IK10, IP54 and the optical compartment is IP66. LIS is a robust and durable beacon suitable for heavy use.

LIS is a designer LED light beacon distinguished by its efficiency and lighting control, easy to install and maintain. It is robust and durable and delivers on BENITO’s commitment to a high-quality beacon at the best possible price.