Metodologia BIM: obligatòria per als projectes públics de licitació d’obra amb finançament públic.

L’ús del BIM està suposant una veritable revolució tecnològica per a la cadena de producció i gestió de l’edificació i les infraestructures. Aquesta eina permet construir d’una manera més eficient, reduint costos alhora que permet a projectistes, constructors i altres… Continue Reading →

Benito attends the leading street lighting exhibition in Finland

On February 7th to 9th,  the international Sähkö Tele Valo AV Exhibition was held in the city of Jyväskylä in Finland. A professional exhibition related to telecommunication, light and electricity where more than 14.000 visitors could discover  the latest solutions of the industry. Our distributor… Continue Reading →

Citizen: ease and elegance.

BENITO launches a new stylish, modern, decorative and functional luminaire designed for residential areas and pedestrian zones. This is a brand new product with the distinctive signature of Eugeni Quitllet, one of the most prestigious Spanish designers across the world,… Continue Reading →

LIS beacon: functionality and beauty

Design. The new LIS beacon leverages the delimiter function of urban bollards by integrating LED lighting. This is a key point in the supplementary lighting of pedestrian areas to increase road safety while also creating nocturnal settings that accentuate the… Continue Reading →

BENITO is now celebrating its 25th anniversary

BENITO is now celebrating its 25th anniversary. After all those years of expertise and with presence in more than 50 countries, our company has become one of the major players in the urban equipment industry. We want to thank you… Continue Reading →

CLASSIC: the modernization of a “classic” that is incorporated into the ESSENTIALS family

As it was announced, the Essentials program expands its offer with the incorporation of new topologies. To those already available in our catalog – DECO, GLOBUS and NORDIC – the CLASSIC version is now added. It shares with the others… Continue Reading →

New precision milling technique for customizing Covers and Grates

BENITO has a long history in customizations of ductile iron covers and grates, offering from the most generic to the most specific, complicated and with great detail, applying a technique of great precision. The primary goal is to accurately pinpoint… Continue Reading →

BENITO certifies the new Elium and Essentials families with the most prestigious European labels: ENEC, AENOR and Scheme CB.

Following the consolidation of its new B-Flex module, designed and manufactured entirely in BENITO, and the launch of the Elium and Essentials families, BENITO takes another step towards consolidating itself as a European manufacturer of high quality LED luminaires. BENITO… Continue Reading →